HaTikva 6 (Hope 6) is the most popular reggae and hip hop band in Israel in recent years and is known for its energetic and exciting performances. The band plays "New Roots" and "Dancehall" reggae in Hebrew, Patois (Jamaican English) and French. The members of the band are the siblings Omri and sheli Glickman, Amit Sagi, Michael Abargil, Ilan Adiri and Barak Hener.
Ninet Tayeb was first introduced to the music scene when she was only 19 years old, after winning the flagship season of the Israel's version of "Pop Idol" in 2003. Becoming a household name overnight, Tayeb's career grew into a what many critics have hailed as a wild Cinderella story phenomena, as Ninet who was still living with her parents in the country at the time - decided to pick up her guitar and begin exploring the music scene in Tel Aviv.
“Café Shahor Hazak” (Strong Black Coffee – קפה שחור חזק) is an Ethiopian-Israeli Hip Hop duo, consists of two cousins; Uri Almo (25) and Ilak Sahalo (27). They were born in Ethiopia and moved to the city of Netanya, Israel with their family at a very young age. They started experimenting with hip hop as teenagers, and were discovered by a local label in 2006 after recording their first “real” song.
HaYehudim or I.U.D.M (Hebrew: היהודים‎, lit. The Jews) is an Israeli hard rock band, formed in 1992 by couple Tom Petrover and Orit Shachaf ("T.T."), who share guitar playing and vocal duties. The band is known for its energetic, dark-themed songs and loud vocals and especially for their intense and energetic live shows. They represent a whole generation of youth in Israel. The band was awarded the title "Band of the Year" for 1999 by Galei Zahal, the number one radio station in the country.
Berry Sakharof (born July 7, 1957) is an Israeli rock guitarist, songwriter and singer. Sakharof is one of Israel's most popular and critically acclaimed rock musicians. He is nicknamed "the prince of Israeli rock".

Sakharof's biggest commercial success came in 1998 with the release of Touches, the sales of which reached platinum within several days. Sakharof continues to play gigs, mostly in Israel, but also some shows in America and other parts of the world.
Dudu Tassa is one of the most talented successful and critically acclaimed young musicians in Israel. He grew up in Tel-Aviv in the 1980s and released his first album at the age of 13. Later on he was known for his virtuous and unique guitar playing and nowadays he is one of Israel’s most prominent singers-songwriters and a major figure in the country’s rock scene.
Ehud Banai was born in Jerusalem to a famous family of artists – actors and musicians – of Persian background. He spent most of his life travelling both in Israel and around the world. The people and places that he encountered along the way define his creative landscape, and are always present in his songs and books. Banai is one of Israel’s most influential and appreciated artists.
Rami Fortis is one of the most important and successful musicians in Israel who took punk and rock music from the sidelines to the very heart of Israeli mainstream, with a record of groundbreaking albums and collaborations. His songs and albums are a part of the Israel's cultural assets and are the soundtrack of generations of musicians and fans.

He began performing in 1975 and rumors of his energetic and wild performances immediately spread like wild fire.
Mosh Ben Ari (born 21 September 1970) is an Israeli musician, lyricist and composer.

Ben Ari was born in Afula, Israel in 1970. He comes from a Yemenite and Iraqi Jewish background. He first discovered music as a child through the traditional Jewish and ethnic chants that were part of his everyday life.
"Eifo Hayeled?" (“Where Is The Kid?”), are one of the most prominent rock groups in Israeli music. Starting their activity in the late 80's, "Eifo Hayeled?" were one of the leading live rock bands in Tel Aviv’s underground rock scene. The band’s founding members Hemi Rudner and Asaf Sarig, were childhood friends from Kibbutz Givat Brener, where they started the band. In 1989 after moving to Tel Aviv, Rudner and Sarig were joined by Asaf Maroz and Ophir Ben Ami to form the current band’s line-up.
Assaf Amdursky is one of the most prominent and influential artists in Israel. He has created a platform as one of the productive multi-faceted artists in the current Israeli music scene. Since the early 90's, he released 7 solo albums and collaborated with some of the most leading artists in Israel, including Shlomo Artzi, Ivri Lider, Shuli Rand, Efrat Gosh and many more.
Eran Zur, rock poet, is one of the few artist that succeeded over the course of his musical career to create a coherent artistic, authentic and, most importantly, an individual identity. Zur is a member of the mythological band Tattoo, and leader of the band Carmela Gross Wagner.
Dana Berger is an Israeli singer-songwriter who has been a part of the Israeli rock scene since the age of 14. Fresh of her army service in the Nahal Band, she joined forces with the renown Dan Toren, gathering as the band “Balagan” and developing her own style and materials. Berger was also casted for the cult TV series “A matter of Time” (Inyan Shel Zman) where she broke into Israeli mainstream and became a household name.
With 5 solo albums in his repertoire, Yermi Kaplan is one of the most passionate musicians in Israeli rock. Born in Chicago, Kaplan started his music career during high school together with Rami Kleinstein. In early 90's, he was a member in most-talented rock trio "Taarovet Eskot". As a solo artist, Kaplan released great hits, one after another: "Modedet" (Measuring), "Madua Lo Bat" (Why didn't you come), "Kvar Achshav" (Already now), "Kama At Tzodeket" (How right you are) and many more.
Hemi Rudner is one of the finest musicians in Israeli rock scene. Over the last two decades, Hemi Rudner's been managed a successful career as the leader of "Eifo Hayeled?" (Where is the kid?) band and as a solo artist. Starting their activity in early 90's, "Eifo Hayeled?" were and still are one of the most prominent groups in Israeli music. Rudner is their lead singer and songwriter, recorded 5 albums with the band, including the classic "Zman Sucar" (Sugar Time).
Shlomi Shaban is a rock pianist with a mesmerizing stage presence. Trained from an early age as a classical pianist, Shaban received his diploma with honor from the London Royal College, and later played as a soloist with the Israeli Philharmonic, conducted by Zubin Mehtah. In 1998, Shlomi shifted his artistic focus to rock and popular music.
Lucille Crew is an international 8-piece collective fusing elements of funk, soul, blues and hip hop that calls Tel Aviv it's home. The band is fronted by Baltimore native MC Rebel Sun and Argentinean guitarist/producer Isgav and feature a revolving door of talented guest female vocalists. The crew is currently working on their full length debut due Late 2013.
Riff Cohen is a rare combination of talent, beauty, simplicity, modesty and joy. Although she's only 28 years old, her unique musical language is mature, sometimes dramatic, and even dark. She graduated in Musicology at the University of Tel Aviv, and her influences derive from composers who do not necessarily come from the field of popular music, such as Monteverdi and Meira Asher, combined with influences which are deeply rooted in popular music from Sudan, Morocco, France and American style.
Born March 2, 1975 in Rishon LeZion, Israel, better known as Muki is an Israeli singer and rapper, best known as the frontman for successful Israeli hip hop/punk act Shabak Samech between 1992 and 2000, and again since 2007. He is also a successful solo artist. In Shabak Samech, he was also known by the nickname Muki D, given him due to the resemblance of his voice to the voice of Mike D of the Beastie Boys.
omposer, pianist, singer and arranger, Yoni Rechter has made a major contribution to Israeli music in a career spanning more than 30 years, and is considered among Israel’s most important musicians. In the dozens of songs that Yoni composed, he created a wide variety of styles, incorporating numerous influences, from Sixties pop (mostly Beatles) to Jazz, Israeli to classical, east and west, into a fascinating personal statement.
Sharon Haziz was born and raised in Tel Aviv and started her career as a singer in “Tel Aviv scout band”. In 1992 Haziz began to act in the successful Television show 'Matter of time' with Ayelet Zurer, Dana Berger, Aviv Geffen and more. In 1993 Haziz released her first CD, 'Take me there' produced by David Levy. The album was a successful pop hits, including "Take Me There", "Sky of Juliet", "Believe me" and more. the same year she won the "Best singer of the Year" award.
Shlomo Gronich is known as a multi-faceted artist - a composer of classical and folk music, a singer, an arranger and lyricist, as well as a composer of music for cinema, theater and dance. He studied at the College of Music Teachers in Tel Aviv and at the Manes College of Music in New York (with the assistance of a scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation).

Gronich recorded his first LP in 1971 and has since released another 15 records and CDs.
Deckelbaum grew up in a musical household and began performing at a young age. In 2004, she formed Habanot Nechama with musicians Karolina and Dana Adini, Their self-titled, debut album went platinum and yielded a #1 hit, “So Far.” Deckelbaum has performed on the same stage with Sir George Martin, Suzanne Vega, Chris Cornell, Livingston Taylor, Tom Chaplin, Bobby McFerrin and Matisyahu. She has released three solo albums, and has participated in several influential albums in Israel.
DJ Hen Siso
Born and raised in Israel, Hen Siso grew up with a natural talent for recognizing quality sound. She took her first piano lesson when she was nine years old and since then music has been a huge part of her life. After her service in the army at age 20, she moved to Miami and has been developing her professional career in singing, guitar, deejaying, drumming. She always creates a fun, intimate and memorable experience with every performance.
Tamar Eisenman is one of Israel’s unique female rock voices. The virtuosic guitarist singer songwriter and artist began her musical career with the release of her self titled and produced EP in 2003 composed and recorded at her home studio. The Ep was distributed independently and mainly word of mouth making a very strong impact, quickly received massive attention from the local press centring.
Yehonatan Geffen is an Israeli poet, playwright, novelist, songwriter, narrator, journalist, art critic, satirist, commentator and a translator. Geffen as a creator and as a co-creator wrote some of Israel’s most classical and successful songs ever and collaborated with many singers, including: Arik Einstein, Gidi Gov, David Broza , Isaac Klafter, Yehuda Poliker, Matti Caspi, Rami Kleinstein, Rita, Ariel Zilber and many more. At the age of 19 he wrote his first children’s book.
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Lucille Crew is an international 8-piece collective fusing elements of funk, soul, blues and hip hop that calls Tel Aviv it's home. The band is fronted by Baltimore native MC Rebel Sun and Argentinean guitarist/producer Isgav and feature a revolving door of talented guest female vocalists. The crew is currently working on their full length debut due Late 2013.

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